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Inspired by one of my friend’s instagram post also recent chat with my boss this afternoon.

Why do some people think they’re above everyone just because they have religion and faith? I get it, you do something the God asked you to do so. But why are you so proud for following His orders and rules? When it’s actually the thing you have to do.

If we looked at the theists and atheists who usually get badmouthed by the religious people, they’re the one who win the sincerity in things. For example, when they’re doing charity, they do it because their heart told them so. Their humanity. The feeling of “every people have the same degree”. Not because of the rule of religions or God. They do it for everyone, every human being, every living being, not limited to one group only. Because they’re human. We are all the same.

But why, why some religious people feel so overproud and attack people who help another from different religions? Why is it matter? Did you lose your humanity in your progress to be close to the God? Do you forget God mention numerous times that humans are the SAME in His eyes? It’s sad if you have to limit your kindness to a specific group. And it’s ironic if you think you already obey your God by doing so. Yes, you get the reward from God for helping people, but abandoning some people just because they didn’t worship the same God with you? It’s ridiculous.

Also please stop thinking you’re better than the other just because you believe in the right religion. Every people think their God and religion is right. There’s nothing wrong for believing in it since it’s your religion so it’s normal if you think like that. But dismiss the other’s belief and pain because their religion is different with yours wont make people like your religion, darling.


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