2017 Highlight and Lessons

I found this in my draft and forgot to post it until now; I know we’re in the beginning of second quarter of 2018 already, but I want to post this to remind myself too.

So umm for me 2017 was an up and down year. I’ve graduated, I worked part time at an event, I did my first interpreter job (horribly), i fell in love, I let go person i should’ve not holding on for so long, i met new people, i rediscovering band that i like, i cried for someone who died because of depression. I want to recap things from month to month so let’s see if i remember anything.

Jan: i…don’t remember anything beside i was so worried about my journal but i didn’t do anything until next month. Oh i think i met my boss and he gave me lecture about work environment. And i got new kitties, 2 kitties. Crying over Goblin’s last episode while choosing the class for my last semester. I got my fav classes how lucky.

Feb: my friend’s graduation. I finally working on my journal and found the topic i want to talk about (sexual harassment at workplace)

March: I lost my other grandmother, I skipped a job interview because of this and i didn’t regret it because it turned out the company was shady. Logan Wolverine is the best comic book movie this year, hands down.

April: i think this month is the highlight of this year. I joined (double b w) as packer and i learned a lot. I chose night shift so i kinda lived in different timezone with other people. I met a lot of new people and figured that its not easy to be friends with your coworkers. I got huge crush on someone. One of my cats runaway from home. IU’s Palette album is the best. Guardians of the Galaxy v2 was good but i was sleepy while watching it since i went to straight to cinema after my night shift.

May: went to my major’s festival event and finally enjoyed the festival like a real audience. That person didn’t keep his promise and i was mad but i couldn’t get angry at him because we didn’t know each other that well, but i snapped at him and he changed his attitude towards me. New nickname. Harry debuted as solo singer and his album is a bomb.

June: after few weeks of chaos and tears, i finished my journal on d-day, i nearly cried when i finished it because some annoying circumstances. i thought i couldn’t graduate this semester. Met someone from my past and we talked a lot via Line. I like how i could tell him everything. Went mudik for Lebaran and this mudik was the longest. Another kitty of mine disappeared when we went back from mudik. Wonder Woman exceeded my expectation, finally DCEU.

July: went to Bandung for friend’s graduation. For the first time i took a train to Bandung and it was one of the best experience i’ve ever had. I met my old friend too. I went to a job interview and i did a lot of mistake it was so horrible i don’t want to remember it, i failed. Frickin Game of Thrones s7 got me shook. Spidey Homecoming was funny and refreshing.

August: my graduation! I kinda wish i would meet the junior that i had crush on during my uni years but we didn’t meet at all.

Sept: went back and forth to uni to organize some things until i forgot that i’ve graduated already. Did my first interpreter job. I didn’t think i do it good but my boss was nice. Got big payment too. And met a cute oppa who taught dance class. I ate delicious things at hotel’s restaurant. 2 of my cats disappeared. I watched IT.

Oct: went to farewell party organized by juniors. My birthday. Got Captain America cushion as present. I think i fell in love with my crush. I found out my crush apparently has girlfriend. Stranger Things s2!!!!

Nov: Monsta X comeback and i got hooked. I rediscovered them, now i love every one of them (Kihyun is still my no 1). Went to interview a celebrity for the 1st time. Found new delicious k-food in Jakarta. Bumped into my crush at cinema. Justice League was meh and Thor Ragnarok was fun.

Dec: Jonghyun’s suicide broke me more than i imagined. I just know that Kihyun means so much to me now, i wont replace him for someone else. MX’s Lonely Christmas is da bomb everyone please listen to it even though you dont celebrate christmas. I finally saw my crush in different perspective. We cut contact. Jara & Weha’s engagement party at the last day of 2017 wrapped up my year beautifully♡

Lesson learned:

  • Pleases don’t procrastinate
  • If you found the job you love, go for it! don’t give up!
  • Don’t be scared to try something new
  • For God’s sake stop hiding yourself in the dark and refusing to interact with new people
  • Don’t ever chase someone who never want you, period. If someone offended you just cut them RIGHT AWAY
  • Its time to stop finding and just do your best for everything, okay, self?
  • Dont ignore people for the sake of being cool
  • You are nothing. But you’ll be everything.
  • Lets stop admiring people in real life, just focus on Yoo Kihyun okay, it’s your karma for turned your back on him xD
  • You’re strong

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