have you ever look into the mirror and say “wow, i look so pretty today”?
everyone deserves to say that everyday in their life. nothing’s more powerful than confidence. you may have big body and not a very pretty face but you are allowed to feel confident of yourself. you have to.

because nowadays what’s killing us is the insecurity inside ourselves. it creep every night, every time, finding the best time to slip in into your mind. and then, boom. you feel like you are the worst, the ugliest, the most monstrous creature.

i cannot say im not insecure, i could say i am the most insecure person in the planet. i always refuse to hear compliment from other people, i feel like they mock me. i didnt feel good about myself. i sometimes look at the mirror and hate what i see. chubby cheeks, strong jaw, uneven eyes, wrinkles on my face. my thigh is so thick i hate it. i do sometimes wish to see myself by another people’s pov. how can they praise me when i dont feel confident about myself?

so you know the answer. other people see it but why cant you? everything has to start from yourself. please start accepting yourself as it is, because we all do know that humans are prone to mistakes and flaws. nobody perfect, but everybody can be better version of themselves. your own insecurity came from your mindset, not from people around you. it’s your mind that has to change.

and if you feel threatened by other people because they’re prettier, smarter, richer, and more successful than you, please don’t! you could be like them to, and you might have something they didn’t have.

words have magic, they start coming true if you trust them. so go to the mirror and say “i look so beautiful today and tomorrow and tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow”


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