Double b doubleyou

hello! i know i’ve been saying i’m gonna write a happy post soon but i keep writing gloomy ones a lot so here it is!

i joined that event again this year. i thought i wont because i really want to be office worker but it seems God listened to me when i said i wont be an office worker since my application never went through (i know it will one day!). And God may have another plan for me because i could get into this event smoothly, unlike my friend who was being “kicked” from the shift she wanted and had to move shift.

to be honest, i was so scared because i’m not social person; i hate adapting and i’m afraid of strangers. so it was so challenging for me not having anyone i can talk to. some of my friends joined again but we were on different section and i barely met them. the first day went well, my team was nice and the work went well. it was better than what i expected. but the second day……… was hell. i nearly cried and i missed my last year friends so much. i got scolded, got new members who were so lazy and when i tried to talk to them “”nicely”” (lol i know i cant talk nicely to people im upset with), they seemed scared of me and didn’t understand what i mean, so i had to do their work. i know i shouldnt but i was so so upset its better for me to work on anything than getting mad at them. it was my fault after all for being all nicey and not talking much to people i just know.

third day went okay and after that the preview day! it wasnt as busy and chaotic as last year, it turned out better than i thought. and i finally met my teammates! not really talking much to them since it was our first day working together but people were so friendly to me. i helped some people from different section too and they were nice! i wished my mood would stay that good until the end of event.

surprised, i didn’t feel irked or upset during sale days even though there were some unpleasant things happened but i was glad i met good and fun people to work with. i even got close to some of them, i felt like i knew them since years ago. its crazy how the world works. i enjoyed my job so much because of them and i feel sad when this event ended. i don’t even think i was this happy last year! after farewell party i found myself fell into depressed mode, even scaring my friend who was there with me.

i’m gonna mention some things i remember that made me really happy on those days:
people keep asking me for help, means they’re trusting me enough to help them and they always including me in things! whenever i’m in trouble there would always be my friends who were there to help me without ask, i’m so blessed to meet them. also, they said i didn’t look sleepy and tired at ALL and this surprising me because i indeed feel tired. some said i was one of the friendliest crew in floor section and this had me laugh because i think i yelled to some of them for messing with the island i was working on (ok this sounds like i’m bragging but im really happy to hear this nice things, anyway this is my blog so its up to me). those people reaaallly good with their words lol but i’m happy i got to know them! i wish i will meet with them again someday.

comparing to last year, things are different (of course) and i think i gained more experience from this year. the event made me realize that i’m too naive for this world lol but i’m glad i had chance to do this again. i don’t want to join next year (i hope i’m going to stick with my words now) but i feel like if i visit this event next year as customer, i might cry a lot because there are so many memories i made in that place. after all, i’m satisfied with myself for surviving! you did a great job, meh. now it’s time to go back to real life and start stressing about adulting again.



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