a tiny spotter

out of all people, why do i have – and always – fall for someone who doesn’t look at me with the same eyes.

i don’t need people to tell me that there are some of them who like me, who love me, i just want someone i fall for feel the same for me. why is it so hard? and why do i always let myself down for thing like this.

when will i learn to not expecting anything from people i love

hello, i just want to say thank you for the past two weeks, you made me really happy in the way i never imagined. i never thought i would have this feeling for you, i only watch you from afar before. thank you for your smile and greeting, and some small talk. thank you for joining the event so i could meet you. thank you for taking care of me, too. i thought i couldn’t do this, but i survived, you’re one of the reason why i enjoy this job. your existence means a lot to me. i hope you will always be blessed and happy. take care and see you again, Ge, someday.
(ps: i really want to say this directly to you, but you were already gone last night so i couldn’t. thank you for coming, though. thank you so much)

(pps: and if you read this post and know that it was you, then thank you)


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