grief and the souls that lack empathy

at december 18, 2017, a mother and father lose their son. a sister lose her brother. a band lose its member. group of friends lose their other half. a nation lose one of their best citizen. thousands, or even hundred thousands of fans lose their inspiration. and heaven, heaven gain an angel. God picked one of the best flowers He planted in this world.

i don’t know him personally, i cant call myself a fan but i enjoyed his music. his was one of the best. and losing him broke me more than i can imagine. my tears keep flowing when i read the news, when i saw my friends who were his fans reacted to this sad news. my heart is broken, along with them. i refused to wake up this morning because i couldnt bring myself to accept the reality. to know that he isn’t here anymore. to know that he already move from this world.

i cant imagine the pain that his family going through, his friends, colleagues, and his fans. everyone who interacted with him in daily basis. how hard it must be. i hope they wont blaming themself or each other. i hope they can accept that he is gone.

among this grief, there are people who belittle him. who laugh at us for mourning and crying. they said he didn’t deserve the mourn, grief and tears.

who are you to say that? are you my prophet? are you my God?

i believe my prophet taught me and his followers to pray for everyone, EVERY SINGLE SOUL in this world no matter how bad they are, no matter what their religion or race is. i dont think i have to ask for anyone’s permission for whom i sent my pray. its between me and my God. its exclusive. do you gain fast track to heaven for dictating me about my prayer? why cant we just grief together?

how hard it is to say “i’m sorry for your loss”? how hard it is to have an empathy? how can you be so proud of your religion if you didnt act like religious person?

and please stop blaming him for ending himself, he already did that and we cant weight him for another blame. him blaming himself was his punishment. i wish he made peace with himself and find happiness there.

hello, Kim Jong-hyun, if you were watching, i hope you know there are so many people who love you. I wish you gain the best place in paradise. i hope you are not in pain right now. i hope you are happy.




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