bee-bee doubleyou

hello! I haven’t post something that tell people about my days so here it is.
not exactly my day, but I just want to share this.

So, I joined an event outside the campus. This was the second time, well not the same event, I mean, joining an external event-slash-part timing (or volunteering, up to you). The first time was on October, it was a K-event and most of my friends were working there so naturally I joined them. This time, no. And the event was bigger than the previous one so to be honest I was so scared and nervous when I signed up. I didn’t have any experience too, but I really want to join this one since a year ago (I’m not lying, I really do!).

Well, so I saw the recruitment announcement on Line and decided to sign up. I thought I’m going to do this alone, but two of my friends said that they wanted to do it too, so we sent our applications together. We came to the interview (or briefing to be exact) and chose the same section (lol but I wasn’t interested on another section so there it went my choice). To cut it short, three of us made it, but one of my friend decided to cancel it because some issues so it was just two of us.

Guess what it was kinda annoying at first. I’m not the type of person who frequently appear on group chat (yes, I’m that annoying and ignorant person who only read the chat and never respond) and before the event began, there were some chaos occurred. It’s kinda predictable, to be honest. That’s what you get when you meet (well, not directly meet but you may get my point) bunch of people who shared different type of jokes and work ethic with you.

About the event. Well, it wasn’t perfect. There were a lot of complains, some unexpected things. But it got praised, too, so it wasn’t that bad.

For me, I got mixed feeling. At first, I doubt I could do it. I got night shift and my body wasn’t used to it. But I met such a great people who push me through those hard nights. I don’t have single regret for joining this event.

Sure, I met a lot, really lot, of people who keep pissing me off. But there were many of them that made me laugh and forgot about the negative things. I was so pissed with this one girl who in same group with me on set up days because she always complained about things. But I meet a lot of fun people while working so I forgot about her. I got scolded by a group of customers until I wanted to cry on the spot, but then not long after those customers gone, my chief cashier went to me and told me to take a break. The next day, my chief cashier moved me to another section that was unfamiliar to me and I had those unwelcoming faces when I came (I’m not deluding myself because my other friends went there too on the other day and they told me the same thing). But I met one person that always talk to my friend and he was so nice to me and so the team leader and one of the crew who approached me first and talked to me and I felt better.

there were a lot of negative things, like, so many of them until I lost count but I’m not gonna mention it one by one. I couldn’t tell you the exact story of my working days but to make it short: it was fun. It’s really fun. I really wanted to join the event again, I really do.

I said that I don’t have any regrets, but I do lol. I didn’t take the picture with some of the people who were close to me and helping me during the event. I didn’t give them anything, when in fact, I planned to give each one of them something. I did give some of them, but I really wished I had time to thank them all. It might sound weird and cringey but I used to do this so its kinda unusual if I didn’t do it.

I think, this was the first time I work outside my zone (aka Korea). I must say, it’s so different. and it was better. I like my employers, they treated the crews like… friends? I mean, most of them didn’t act so high and bossy when they have any rights to do that. Okay, I know if I said this in front of my friends they’re gonna deny it so hard lol, but it was different for me. I used to work with K peeps (lol why this sound like I’m a pro when it comes to them, no its the opposite but you get my point, right?) and fyi they have seniority complex (idk is it the right word?). Like, some of them as superior tend to act like one, I mean, really bossy and annoying and have a lot of request that wasnt make sense and they like to do things so sudden and change their mind so quick. But I was happy with the way my supervisors here at this event working. I respected them, and they’re fun to talk to.

I joined this in order to challenge myself and I’m glad I did. I gained so much and I don’t think I lose anything (wait, i think i lost weight lol). Thank you for the experience!

ps: this post is so disoriented I don’t know what im gonna write i just want to type this out of my brain and this is so messy so its ok if you dont understand. and its been around 2 weeks i miss it so much.


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