Fairy Tale

She read too many fairy tales to the point she believed that she lives in one.

She forced herself to write the exact same fairy tales like those things she read but little did she know that life is so much cruel than that.

She thought she found her prince charming, when actually hers left her in despair.

She tried to reach him back but everytime he responded, she pushed him away.

She was being stupidly jealous to her own friends who were getting close to him when she could not.

She’s clinging onto the shadow of him for seven years and feeling so pathetic for that.

Now he is nowhere to be found and she is too afraid to approach him first again.

She write everything about him, literally everything, in everywhere. In her journals, her notebook, the piece of paper she found randomly, her mirror, her bedroom wall, her memo on phone. If spelling his name will get her a penny, she would have been a billionaire now.

She is so obsessed with him and its scary.

She deluded herself for being in love with him when actually she is sickeningly obsessed.